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The Foley Incident.

The post title is of my choosing.
If I left it to the BBC or other attention grabbing  news reporting institutions, I could expect to read instead:

The ethics committee of the US House of Representatives has opened an inquiry into a scandal over a former Republican congressman’s explicit e-mails.

(For the whole article, click here.)

Please note, I am not making light of Foleys alleged behaviour but I am hi-lighting how it is further sensationalised.

I’m even amused by the article title.
It’s wonderfully generalised, ensuring that  those of us who had absolutely sod all interest in Foley, might read the article nonetheless because  huge numbers of us have email : –

US Congress begins e mail probe.


Bugger being paranoid in Tehran – headlines like this are liable to have a few Americans worrying 😉


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The ‘regime’ in Iran

Apparently, the state of affairs in Iran is creating paranoia…

So says an article in Time – Paranoid in Tehran.

I started to read it with some interest, looking for the political slant.
I didn’t have to get any further than the opening line.

” The U.S. talks about regime change and promoting democracy, but all it’s done is turned Iran into an even more oppressive police state.”

So… what be the difference between a regime and a government – barr the emotional connotations?

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