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Nuclear Nightmare comes true.

Nuclear Nightmare comes True

So says TIME magazine.

The BBC however, seem more fascinated about the cartoons ridiculing the Prophet Muhammed and therefore only report on North Koreans test as

North Korea claim Nuclear Test.

I love the slant news gets from around the World.
Even within the Western World the agenda by  media headlines is  embarrassingly obvious.

Now, this next bit is where my ignorance needs helping out… It’s been believed for yonks that North Korea has had nuclear strength.
Why is this one test causing such an uproar?
Is it simply because it’s proof?



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The ‘regime’ in Iran

Apparently, the state of affairs in Iran is creating paranoia…

So says an article in Time – Paranoid in Tehran.

I started to read it with some interest, looking for the political slant.
I didn’t have to get any further than the opening line.

” The U.S. talks about regime change and promoting democracy, but all it’s done is turned Iran into an even more oppressive police state.”

So… what be the difference between a regime and a government – barr the emotional connotations?

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