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Lives lost whilst Labour labours

The following comes from the same article!

Blair promises ‘more for troops ‘

(What is ‘more‘?)

Addressing military personnel on the fifth anniversary of operations in the country, Tony Blair pledged “every support and every protection“.

Thank you, Prime Minister.
Now, please qualify ‘every’.
Those overdue body armour jackets, per chance?
More support from other Nato Nations, maybe?

The commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Brigadier Ed Butler, responded to the prime minister’s offer of more resources by requesting helicopters.

and just a paragraph or two further down….
Kim Howells,Foreign Office Minister responsible for Afganistan: –

.” said that while British commanders felt they had all of the equipment they needed, they would like more support from some other Nato countries which were not “punching their weight”.

Oh. Cancel the helicopters then…
We must have misunderstood.


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