Madonna adopts African child

From the BBC: –

Pop star Madonna has adopted a one-year-old boy in Malawi, according to reports. 

The boy’s father, Yohane Banda, told the Associated Press: “I know he will be very happy in America.”

Speculation the singer was planning to adopt began when she flew into Malawi and visited several orphanages.

Am I loosing it completely?
This child appears to have a family (already) – at the very least, a father.
Granted (sadly) the child has lost his mother and comes from a very poor village but… *shrug & sigh*, I just don’t get it.

I look forward to the explanation. *baffled*

Of course, I would grin if it was announced that the reports of adoption were inaccurate… any publicity is good publicity…?

Oh Lourdes Lord, I’m becoming so cynical!


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